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Advanced Ticket Sales Rules

  • Online tickets purchasing is provided as a convenience for our customers, and to speed up the transaction time at the box office.
  • Purchasing your movie tickets online does NOT reserve or guarantee a parking spot. Parking is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED – based on the time of arrival at the theatre. Weekends are extremely busy, especially in the summer months, and it is highly advised to arrive EARLY to get into the theatre on crowded nights.
  • All sales are FINAL – There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for online ticket purchases. You must redeem the ticket at the theatre on the night it was purchased.
  • Follow the online instructions, and print out your ticket (with barcode) on your printer and bring it to the theatre, or bring the credit/debit card used to purchase the tickets with you and present it at the box office for validation.
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Q: I need directions to the Galaxy Drive-In! A: We are located three miles north of Ennis, Texas on the southbound service road of I-45, at exit #255 just north of FM879. You will see our sign from the highway! Coming from the south (Corsicana, Houston) From I-45 northbound, and exit at FM 879 for Garrett, Texas (exit #255). Cross over the freeway to the east side of I-45. You should be able to see the drive-in from the bridge, just to your north. Turn right at the stop sign to go north on the service road to our entrance. Coming from the north (Dallas) We are exactly 20.5 miles south of the I-20/I-45 interchange in south Dallas. Coming south on I-45, exit at FM879 for Garrett, Texas (exit #255). Do not stop or turn north at the end of the exit ramp! Continue on the service road to a safe area and then carefully make a U-turn and come back north on the service road to the drive-in entrance.
Q: What are your ticket prices? A: Ticket purchase provides you admission to one screen for one low price!! Tickets are: $8.00 per person ages 12 and up. Kids are $4.00 each.
Q: Have you ever charged by the carload? A: We cannot offer carload pricing due to film licensing agreements, and we have never offered carload pricing since the day we first opened.
Q: Do you offer group pricing or discount tickets? A: We cannot offer group discounts on tickets, as we are bound by to film company license agreements that do not allow us to discount our already low admission prices. Our regular pricing schedule provides you a discounted admission for two first-run movies for less then the cost of a single admission to either movie at the indoor theatres!
Q: Do you sell advanced tickets or sell tickets online? A: No. Tickets are bought when you arrive at our box office.
Q: Are you open every night, or only on weekends? A: We are open every night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including all holidays.
Q: Do you stay open if it rains? A: Yes, we are still open and running movies if it rains, unless the wind and lightning is too dangerous.
Q: We have a large group/car club coming. Can we reserve parking in advance? A: Sorry, we cannot reserve parking. We would suggest arriving as close to the box office opening as possible to make sure you can get spaces together.
Q: Can I bring my RV, Camper, Motorcoach, Church Bus, Monster Truck, etc. ? A: RVs are welcome to stay over in return for ticket purchase and food purchases!
Q: When is the best time to arrive? A: Weekends are usually extremely busy so we ask you to arrive as early as possible!! So please arrive as early as possible to help avoid long lines of cars and traffic problems, which in turn lead to later start times! For safety reasons and the consideration of other patrons we cannot start the first features while several cars are still trying to get into the drive-in and park.
Q: Can I sit outside my car, in lawn chairs, on a blanket, on the roof? A: Yes! You are welcome to sit anywhere outside your vehicle, in lawn chairs or on blankets. We only ask that you place lawn chairs and blankets in front of your car, and not to take up an additional parking space next to your car. This is also for safety reasons as an approaching vehicle looking for a parking spot might not be able to see you or your children sitting on the ground! Also, if you are sitting on the roof of your car, truck or SUV you cannot be so high as to obstruct the view of a person sitting behind you while they are seated inside their own vehicle. Just use common courtesy and everyone will have a good time!
Q: How do I turn off my daytime running lights? A: Most newer vehicles come equipped with daytime running lights, or headlights that stay on even if the car is turned off or the key is turned to the ACCESSORY position. This can be very annoying to other patrons. To disable daytime running lights, try this procedure: 1. Place car in park, or manual shift to neutral 2. Turn off your engine & remove the key. 3. Set parking or emergency brake just enough to catch (not all the way). 4. Re-start car your lights should stay off.
Q: Can I open my hatch back? What about hatch back/dome lights? A: Hatch backs should be raised no higher than the top of your vehicle (level with your roof). If your hatch opens above your roofline this blocks the view of others. You are responsible for keeping it lowered using a rope or similar method. Hatch back lights can be turned off by using a pen or a piece of metal to close the opened latch - to re-open the latch, just pull the lever.
Q: Can I switch screens during my visit to the Galaxy Drive-in? A: Sorry, but we cannot allow screen changing. We are bound by licensing agreements with the film companies, the same policy as all indoor theatres with multiple screens, and your ticket purchase provides you with admission to one screen only. Please do not attempt to change screens without purchasing an additional admission ticket for that screen. However, you are welcomed to purchase an additional ticket the same night for a second feature on a separate screen if you wish.
Q: How to I hear the movies? A: We offer high-quality digital DTS sound over FM radio frequencies. You can listen to the movie over any FM radio in your car or bring a portable radio.
Q: Can I bring in my own food, snacks and drinks? A: You are not allowed to bring any food or drinks with you to our drive-in. All theatres, drive-ins and indoor, depend on the concession sales to stay in business. Our snack bar sales are the only source of income that keeps us open. If we allowed outside food and drink we would be out of business very quickly. A large percentage of the box office ticket sales go back to the movie distributors and so we are basically a restaurant that shows movies. However, if you are hosting a party, we do allow you to bring in a birthday cake, cookies, or brownies. We just ask that you do not bring in any drinks or other food and purchase these from our snack bar instead. If we help prepare any food or drinks in the snack bar for your party in advance please let us know! We have a full-service snack bar with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizza, grilled chicken salads, hotdogs, corndogs, fries, nachos, and much more that are very reasonably priced. We would hope that you would help support the continued success of this drive-in movie theatre by visiting our snack bar for your meal before the movies. If you ever have a problem with any item in the concession stand, please do not hesitate to bring it back. We will replace it with something else or give you your money back. We want to ensure that every customer is satisfied.
Q: Can I cook-out, grill outside? A: Sorry, no outside food is allowed, and this includes grilling outside. No open flames, fires, grills, glass bottles, or fireworks are allowed for obvious safety reasons.
Q: Do you accept debit cards, credit cards or checks? A: YES!! We accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash at the box office for movie tickets, AND in the snack bars! We do not have an ATM machine on the premises, however there is an ATM located at the Chevron station at exit 255 and FM879. No checks, please.
Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates? A: Yes, gift certificates can be purchased in the snack bar! You can apply any amount you wish, and they can be used in the future to purchase movie tickets at the box office or any menu item in the snack bar.
Q: Do you allow pets at the drive-in? A: Yes! Pets are always welcomed at the drive-in! Just be sure to keep them on a leash outside of your vehicle, and please don't bring them with you inside the snack bar.
Q: Are you restrooms handicap-accessible? A: We provide a private handicap-only restroom on the west end of the snack bar. If you need any assistance at all, please notify the attendant in the box office when you arrive and he can radio a manager to help you get around.
Q: Do you offer birthday/party packages? A: We do not offer birthday packages per se, but we do allow you to bring a birthday cake, cookies, or brownies. We just ask that you do not bring in any drinks or other food and purchase these from our snack bar instead. We can help prepare any food or drink packages in advance in the snack bar for your party! Please contact us in advance to arrange large group orders. Thank you! We can also make a happy birthday announcement if you wish! Just write your message and screen down on a note, and give it to the box office attendant or the cashier in the concession stand your before the first movie starts, and we will broadcast your message over the radio before the movie previews.
Q: My car battery is dead! Can you help? A: If your battery runs too low to restart your car, we have portable equipment for your assistance. Check with an attendant the box office or the snack bar and we will be glad to help.
Q: When you do get new movies? When do the movies change? A: We break one or two new movies on Friday, and hold over some from the previous week. So the same lineup plays Friday through the following Thursday. Occasionally we will break a movie on Wednesday or Thursday but that is rare; usually around holidays. As soon as we have confirmed the upcoming weekend lineup, it is posted on our website. If the showtimes for a certain date are not listed yet this means we dont have a line-up confirmation for that date yet. As soon as we get the line-up its posted here on the website.
Q: How long will a particular movie be playing at your theatre? A: How long we play movies depends on many factors. When we agree to show that movie, we also have to agree to a contract to hold the film as long as the film companies dictate. That could be two weeks or that could be four weeks. We change our movies just like the indoor theatres, as they are released to the theatres. As soon as we have confirmed the upcoming weekend lineup, it is posted on our website.
Q: Why are you showing an R-Rated movie? A: We always attempt to book family-friendly G, PG and PG-13 movies. However, we can only exhibit what Hollywood is producing, and what the film distributors offer to us. If there were more kids/teenage movies available we would be playing them. When we do book an R-rated movie, we try to screen out any movies with excessive nudity, violence or language. We have refused booking certain very popular R-rated movies in the past because of the content being outside our family-friendly limits.
Q: Why are you not showing the same rated movies together? A: Many times the film companies dictate what movie can be paired together on the same screen, and this decision is out of our control. We usually must exhibit movies from the same studio or distributor on the same screen for royalty reasons.
Q: Are there any hotels/motels close by? A: Please check out www.visitennis.org for the latest hotel information around Ennis. Visit our friends at : Quality Inn Ennis 107 Chamber Of Commerce Dr (I-45) Ennis, TX 75119 (972)875-9641
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